Healthcare Innovation Conference: Panel Moderation

At Medidata’s 2020 global conference, NEXT, I hosted a keynote panel with three of the leading experts I interviewed for the 2020 Economist Intelligence Unit research program and published report I led titled “State of Patient Centricity 2020: Advancing from Patient-First Intentions to True Co-Creation”:

  • Alicia Staley, Senior Director of Patient Engagement, Medidata
  • Jessica Scott, Head of R&D Patient Engagement, Takeda
  • Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, Co-founder, Emily’s Entourage
  • Emily Wasik, Senior Editor & Program Lead, The Economist 

The research program and published report explores how achieving patient centricity in clinical trials needs to evolve beyond patient engagement initiatives to patient co-creation and how these mutually-beneficial partnerships will transform both the future of research and development and the healthcare industry at-large. It draws upon a series of interviews with leading experts from pharmaceutical companies, research organisations and patient advocacy groups along with comprehensive desk research.