Over the past 14 years, I’ve worked as an editorial director, intelligence consultant, research analyst, creative strategist, journalist, and trend forecaster. I’ve worked for various global media powerhouses from the likes of The Economist to Huffington Post to VICE Media to business intelligence & trend forecasting consultancies like PSFK, Interbrand, Crowd DNA and KKLD* to Fortune 500 companies themselves from Coca Cola to MINI to Red Bull. Having worked across three continents—in NYC, Berlin, London and Brisbane, Australia, I specialize in telling stories, fostering engagement and creating a heightened level of awareness about business transformation, creative & emotional intelligence, industry trends and future-forward innovation across technology, sustainability, education, workforce, healthcare, financial services, urban planning, consumer behavior, and the pivotal nexus where all of these things intersect.

~ Knowledge gap bridger
~ White space detector
~ Teller of stories worth telling
~ People connector & community driver
~ Positive change catalyst
~ Resilience cultivator
~ Silver lining seeker
~ Unrelenting joy deliverer

Interested in working together? Email me at emilywasik@economist.com or emily@wasik.co, or follow me on Twitter at @emilywasik.