As a professional copywriter/editor, content manager, social media strategist and digital marketing specialist, I’ve worked for various companies from the likes of Huffington Post to VICE Media to Interview Magazine to NPR to Disney to Slate to The Creators Project to Apple to MINI to Red Bull to advertising agency KKLD* to digital agency DieTaikonauten, across three continents – in NYC, Berlin, London and Brisbane, Australia. I specialize in telling stories, fostering engagement and creating a heightened level of awareness about digital culture, marketing & consumer trends, advertising campaigns, technology, innovation, art, design, fashion, film, music and travel, from the rooftops of NYC to abandoned spy stations in Berlin to giraffe hotels in Kenya, and all the hotspots in between.

With a strong, experienced command of global brand communication and social media, my strengths lie in on- and offline communication strategy, digital marketing, content creation, copywriting, editing, social media, PR, digital content management, creative concept development and community management. Being an Australian living in Berlin by the way of the Big Apple and having traveled all over the world, I have a fervent passion for cross-cultural interchange, along with speaking German and elementary Japanese. As a global player and digital native, I am passionate and driven to deliver exceptional communications and marketing strategies.

With my previous work experience in mind, I recognize that the future of an organization lies with its people and it is more often personal qualities that cannot be taught that determine a person’s potential. In this respect, my core strengths lie in my commitment to always giving 100%, my energy and enthusiasm for new challenges, my continuous improvement and innovative ideas, and my personal integrity.

 I would love to discuss how I could bring my energy and expertise to your team!


Mobile: +49 (0)176 9858 4957
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Twitter: @EmilieWasik